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Reading Scripture through in a year

February's spiritual discipline:  Prayer

Grief Share

group to support those who've lost loved ones

Each week we will publish the next's week's reading schedule. Join us studying God's Word.  The daily reading is broken down into 4 short readings that one can either do all-at-once or throughout the rhythm of one's day. This plan also leaves Sunday's open so that one can either catch up or focus on supplementary study. Drop us a line and let us know how this journey impacts your life.

2/17/20 EXODUS 33 - 34 JOB 41 MATT 16:1-12

1 CORINTHIANS 10:23-11:1

2/18/20 EXODUS 35 - 36 JOB 42 MATT 16:13-28



2/19/20 EXODUS 37 - 38 PSALM 1MATT 17:1-13

1 CORINTHIANS 11:17-34

2/20/20 EXODUS 39 - 40 PSALM 2

MATT 17:14-27 1 CORINTHIANS 12:1-11

2/21/20 LEVITICUS 1 - 3 PSALM 3 MATT 18:1-14

1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-31


2/22/20 LEVITICUS 4 - 5 PSALM 4

MATT 18:15-35 1 CORINTHIANS 13

Each month in 2020 we will be focusing on a new spiritual discipline. We will be following Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline (1978). Foster (1978) states that the exercise of spiritual disciplines produces freedom in the Christ-follower so that each believer might "experience a life of relationship and intimacy with God" (pp. 2-4). We invite you to join us each month in practicing a new spiritual discipline.

While prayer is not a new concept to most Christians, it is a spiritual discipline that often requires greater tenacity and a more intentional focus. What eludes many is that prayer takes the practice of meditation into the realm of becoming and into the realm of reality. While meditation brings the practitioner into an experience of hearing God's voice and His word leading to heightened obedience, the discipline of prayer teaches the disciple of Christ to think God's thoughts, to feel His heart, to will what God desires as a lifestyle (Foster, 1978, p. 33).

Thus, this month, we invite you to practice the spiritual discipline of prayer and learn from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We invite you to join us in learning to think God's thoughts, feel His heart, desire what He desires, and to will what He wills. There is so much more of God to be enjoyed and experienced. Let this month take you further up and further in!

Foster, R. (1978) Celebration of Discipline. New York, New York:  HarperOne.

We know that losing a loved one is difficult. We believe that the journey of grief should be shared by a trusted safe community. We decided that after talking with many in our circle of influence that we wanted to create such a community.

We've partnered with GriefShare.com to host a community that will help those who've lost loved ones to journey from mourning to joy. This is not an easy journey but we believe that together we can experience the peace that passes all understanding.

We meet at 7 PM every other Sunday starting January 12th. Each session is self-contained but the course is 13 weeks long and we invite those who want to attend to commit to coming to at least three sessions. During our journey together, we will work through a video series and talk together. For more information about Grief Share, visit, griefshare.com. We hope to see you there and to serve you any way we can.